The benefits of smiling confidently.

A strong smile demonstrates self-confidence and is often the first thing people notice when greeting one another. Orthodontics can be the key to unlocking your own confident smile and is why at Orthodontics Exclusively we believe it is an investment towards positively changing your life. Straight teeth not only provide the obvious benefits to your appearance they are also easier to clean and reduce the chance of developing other issues/diseases in your mouth.

Orthodontics isn’t just braces

The field of orthodontics has come a long way in recent years, with practitioners now placing a greater focus upon discretion and comfort, ensuring patients can enjoy treatment without embarrassment or agitation.  Gone are the days of headgears and bulky metal braces, orthodontics now provides treatment options to suit every lifestyle.

Clear braces, lingual (inside) braces and clear aligners (Invisalign) are just some examples of modern treatment options that are unobtrusive and comfortable. Whilst braces remain one of the most effective methods for achieving a straight smile, potential patients should not be deterred by, what are now, outdated stereotypes.

Why can’t I just see my dentist to fix my misaligned teeth? 

We find that one of the best analogies used to answer this question is to compare dentists to GP’s and orthodontists to speciality doctors. Usually you will be referred to a speciality doctor by your GP, as they have a greater depth of knowledge in a specific area. This process is replicated in dentistry, with dentists referring you to an orthodontist to deal with alignment issues.

Orthodontics is in fact a specialty field of dentistry, one that focuses solely upon the diagnosis, prevention and correction of misaligned teeth and jaws. Just like you would see an orthopaedic surgeon for hand or foot problems, you see an orthodontist for teeth or jaw problems.

What physical benefits can orthodontics achieve?

Achieving a ‘straight and confident smile’ requires more than just the straightening of your teeth and often there are a range of factors at play that your orthodontist will have to address. We have provided some examples of the oral irregularities you may need to remedy and how they will benefit you as a patient.

  • Speech, breathing or chewing difficulties; patients can look forward to speaking clearly, breathing easily and eating freely.
  • Protruding or misaligned teeth; moving teeth into their correct position will make them easier to clean whilst improving self-confidence.
  • Gaps between your teeth; known professionally as ‘diastema’, remedying this condition will improve your gum health and protect you from periodontal (gum) diseases.
  • Jaw misalignment; patients can look forward to removing the appearance of an under or overbite, as well as the pain that is often associated with the condition.

No need for referrals to an orthodontist. Come in for a consult at your leisure.

You don’t need a referral to visit an orthodontist. If you’re wanting to enquire about teeth alignment, you can call us directly.

The benefits of specialisation

Becoming a dentist in Australia requires a 5-year Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry. Orthodontists then spend an extra three years on top of their dentistry studies, completing a Masters in Orthodontics. Where they spend approximately 5,000 hours learning about the diagnosis and treatment of teeth alignment.

Unlike dentists, orthodontists have limited their practice to solely treating tooth and jaw malalignments. Therefore, there is no one more qualified to provide you with the smile that can positively change your life.