Invisalign is virtually invisible and offers effective, comfortable and discreet treatment suitable for most lifestyles. At Orthodontics Exclusively, we can treat very complex cases with Invisalign as we are Invisalign Platinum Elite providers. We use digital scanners to fabricate aligners which optimise the fit of aligners enabling the most accurate and efficient treatment.

Choose Invisalign

If you feel self-conscious about wearing braces, then you'll love Invisalign aligners, the discreet alternative to traditional braces.

The benefits

Virtually invisible 
Invisalign aligners are manufactured out of a clear plastic. As such, they won't get in the way of your beautiful smile.

Which is beneficial on several fronts:

  • Hygienic
    Brushing your teeth is easy. Simply remove the plastic trays to access those hard to reach areas and brush as you would normally.
  • Comfortable
    Invisalign aligners are very comfortable. The plastic moulds glide into position with ease unlike traditional metal braces.

The treatment

The Invisalign treatment is quite straight forward.

1. The first step is to meet with our orthodontist for an initial consultation to ascertain your suitability of the treatment for your teeth and your lifestyle.

2. Should you be eligible for the treatment, we then take a digital mould of your teeth.

3. We then produce a series of aligners through which you will progress (approximately every two weeks) as your teeth are re-aligned to beautiful effect.

"Invisalign, aligners are created in advance. This helps reduce the number of visits to the clinic and is yet another reason to choose Invisalign aligners - the discreet way to a beautiful smile."

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