Adult orthodontic treatments

Age is no barrier to orthodontic treatment! There are many invisible methods of orthodontic treatment, meaning more and more adults are seeking comprehensive treatment. These include tooth-coloured braces which are less visible, lingual braces that are attached on the inside of teeth, or invisible clear plastic plates.

Please see our invisible treatment options, including: tooth coloured, lingual (invisible) braces and Invisalign.

At our practices we have a significant proportion of adults in treatment. Adult treatment can range from cosmetic, to more complex problems that have accumulated over a lifetime. Problems may include tooth wear, tooth decay or tooth loss, gum problems, bite discrepancies, growth abnormalities, facial asymmetry, muscle aches, and jaw joint problems.

Often, adult treatment requires our specialists co-ordinating with your own dentist or other specialists to obtain the optimum aesthetic, functional and stable treatment result.

At Orthodontics Exclusively, we treat large numbers of adults and have developed expertise in the range of adult treatment from the very simple to the very complex.