Discreet Orthodontic Braces

Orthodontics Exclusively offers the finest porcelain braces for a highly effective, discreet orthodontic treatment. Ideal for adults who desire a treatment without the conspicuous look of traditional, overtly visible, metallic braces, porcelain braces might be the treatment that is best for you.


A proven treatment

Fixed braces are a proven and trusted orthodontic treatment. They offer optimum control and are popular choice with patients and orthodontists alike.


We understand that fixed braces alter your smile before they improve it. That is why we favour porcelain or clear material alternatives to minimise visual intrusion.

"Clear or silver coloured braces can be advantageous as they offer the effectiveness of traditional braces – more discreetly."

To find out if fixed braces are right for you, please call the clinic on 02 4861 6265 to book an initial consult.